How To do Apple AirTags Automations?

Text & Slides by Kiril Peyanski

What is Apple AirTag?

Apple AirTags are small, battery-powered devices that can be used to track almost anything, from keys to pets.

You can use many AirTags and they are all monitored using the Find My app on an iPhone.

How to track AirTags?

AirTag Automations?

You can use AirTags as NFC trigger for the automations that are available in the Apple’s Shortcuts app.

How you can start an Automation?

To start a Shortcuts automation you simply have to touch your iPhone with your AirTag (or vice versa) and you are done.

Can I use any iPhone?

As long your device support iOS 14 or higher you can use AirTag as item tracker. To use automations you will need iPhone XS or newer.

Create automation

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