brand new or existing
Home Assistant installations

You can use Snapshots to backup Home Assistant. But there is one major drawback doing this - they are stored locally

Home Assistant

Set & Forget method

I will show you another Home Assistant Backup method where your configuration files will be stored securely on GitHub!

Now is the best time to setup a reliable Home Assistant backup to GitHub and start experimenting and enhancing without worries.


If you manage to automatically backup and version control these files on a remote host - that means you are one step closer to the best DevOps practices.

Home Assistant runs on YAML files

Treat your server not
as PET...

...but as cattle!

That can be replaced if needed!

Git & GitHub

Git de-facto is the standard for version control system. GitHub is a free online repository for backup, contributing and sharing source code.

Public & Private Repos

You can have public or private repos in your GitHub account. I will use private repository as I want to store my Home Assistant passwords there.

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