Smart home devices have often been dismissed as either useless pieces of technology or expensive hobbies. However, I’ll try to prove wrong any nonbeliever and I will stab, stab, stab all doubts and objections with this little device called LinknLink eHub. Apart from the built-in little sword that can be used not only for stabbing, but surprisingly as a reset pin. This little device not only acts as a smart universal remote, but also opens up possibilities for home automation that can save you money and make your life more convenient.

LinknLink eHub

But it can’t be all roses with this device. I want to find something so that I can say: “AHA, I knew it!”

LinknLink eHub Features

The LinknLink eHub is a versatile device equipped with built-in WiFi, Infrared, and 433MHz Radio Frequency connectivity options. Essentially, it serves as a smart universal remote, allowing you to take control of various devices such as your Air Conditioner, TV, Set-Top Box (STB), lights, and more. What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface, enabling control via your smartphone, voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri Shortcuts.

LinknLink eHub and the special cable with T&H sensors on it

Integration with Home Assistant

The true beauty of the LinknLink eHub lies in its compatibility with Home Assistant. While the current integration uses the Modbus protocol, there’s an exciting development in progress – a native LinknLink Home Assistant integration that promises to simplify the setup process, awaiting approval from the Home Assistant team. This native integration is anticipated to enhance user experience in the upcoming Home Assistant releases (I bet for the March Release).

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Advanced Sensors for Smart Automation

One standout feature of the LinknLink eHub is its array of sensors. The device comes equipped with a Radar Motion Detection Sensor, offering precise motion detection with a 360° range. Additionally, Temperature and Humidity sensors further enhance the potential for creating sophisticated home automations.

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Home Automations with LinknLink eHub 1

Real-Life Scenario Test

To put the LinknLink eHub to the test, let’s consider a real-life scenario. If you have multiple devices with separate remotes, like a TV, STB, and Audio Video Receiver, can the eHub replace them all? The answer is yes. Through the app, you can easily add and control devices, eliminating the need for multiple remotes. Even for devices not listed in the app, manual learning of remotes is a straightforward process.

I can now throw my remote controls in the garbage

Setting Up Devices with LinknLink App

Adding devices to the LinknLink eHub is a breeze. The LinknLink app guides you through the process, allowing you to connect and control almost any device that uses Infrared remotes or RF 433MHz. The intuitive interface lets you select your device category, brand, and even manually learn remote commands if your device is not listed. This simplicity makes the setup accessible to users of all technical backgrounds.

The LinknLink app guide you through adding or cloning your remotes

Creating Scenes and Automations

Once your devices are seamlessly integrated with the LinknLink eHub, the app empowers you to create scenes and automations effortlessly. Whether you want to turn on multiple devices with a single command or set specific conditions for automation, the app provides a user-friendly interface, making advanced smart home setups accessible to everyone.

Custom Scenes

LinknLink eHub Alternatives:

The LinknLink eHub isn’t the only product in the LinknLink lineup. The company offers two other devices: eMotion, a radar motion detector, and eTHS, a temperature and humidity sensor. These single-purpose devices cater to specific needs, providing affordable alternatives for users with specific requirements.

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Home Automations with LinknLink eHub 2

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Exploring the Device’s Physicality

As we delve into the practicality of the LinknLink eHub, it’s important to acknowledge its design and physical features. No, “Aha I knew it” moments so far, apart from the not very straight mini sword that I happen to have and the micro USB port instead of the more modern USB-C, a potential point of consideration for those who prefer the latter or straight blades…

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Home Automations with LinknLink eHub 3


In conclusion, the LinknLink eHub emerges as a powerful and versatile device that has the potential to revolutionize your home into a smart haven. With seamless device integration, advanced sensors, and user-friendly controls, it effectively dispels the notion that smart home devices are mere gimmicks. Embrace the future of home automation with LinknLink eHub and witness the convenience and efficiency it brings to your daily life.

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