Alexa & Siri


Do you want to have an universal remote control that can control all of your appliances from one place that can be integrated with Alexa & Siri and more? 

I have good news for you there is such device called Broadlink RM4 Pro and I'm about to show it to you in details.

Broadlink RM4 Pro is an amazing device that supports IR and RF and it even can show you the Temperature & Humidity if you buy it with this additional USB cable with these sensors.

Cable with sensors

 Simple as that!

What problem an universal remote  can solve?

Currently to turn on my TV i have to use three remotes. And Broadlink RM4 Pro can replace them all.

That is pretty annoying especially when I unconsciously hide from myself one or more of the remotes.

Missing remote

You can search for a brand and several most common remote control setups will be offered to you for test.

Add Appliance

Broadlink Scene

After you setup your appliances in the Broalink app you can create a scene. This scene will simulate pressing buttons of the already added remotes in any order you wish.

Siri Shortcuts

At the end you can add the created scene as Siri shortcut and you can directly execute it using your iOS device

You either have to install the Broadlink skill from the Alexa App or you have to link them by using the Broadlink mobile application.

Broadlink RM4 Pro and Alexa

Smart Home Guide


Very recently I published my first info product called Smart Home Getting Started Actionable Guide. And first doesn’t mean bad or low quality. Just the opposite – the result is just great!