Who doesn’t want 50% discounts on items that will make our Home Smart? I do, and I made a list of items that I wish either to buy or someone to give me as a gift. All items that I handpicked in this article are working perfectly standalone and most of them are working fine with Home Assistant. Without further ado let’s start this Black Friday 2023 TOP 7 deals for Smart Home.

#7 Smart Curtains for Effortless Control for cheap during Black Friday 2023

Number #7 from my list will make your existing curtains smart in seconds. It is a little battery powered robot that will open and close any dumb curtains on rails on demand or automatically or both.

Top #7 discounted Item during Black Friday 2023
Top #7 discounted Item during Black Friday 2023

The device is called SwitchBot Curtain 3 and it’s battery that can last around 8 months with one full charge and if you don’t want to worry about charging, then the SwitchBot Curtain 3 & Solar Panel 3 combo offering you practically unlimited battery life.

SwitchBot Curtain 3 & SwitchBot Solar Panel 3 side-by-side
SwitchBot Curtain 3 & SwitchBot Solar Panel 3 side-by-side

Just imagine you can set this up to be in open or closed position based on the intensity of the natural light or you can use custom timers. Or you can use the state of the Sun. You Know open the curtains at sunrise and close them at sunset for example.

You can also control the SwitchBot Curtain 3 from the SwitchBot App on any smart device or from Apple Watch. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & HomeKit (via Matter Standard) are also among the supported ways.

To enable cloud control you'll need a SwitchBot Hub

Finally, one physical way named touch and go if you prefer the traditional way of opening and closing the curtains.

And best part is, It doesn’t matter what type of curtain track you have, as SwitchBot Curtain support 99% of them. There is even a compatibility list for rail tracks where you can double check if you are good to go. This list can be found below as well as some buying links with at least 30% off during Black Friday this year.

#6 Smart Smoke Sensor: Keeping You Safe

Item number #6 from my Black Friday for Smart Home list can actually save your home from fire, because it is a Smart Smoke Sensor. Most smoke detectors just make a loud noise, but what if nobody’s home or if you are sleeping really deep?

That’s where a Smart Smoke Detector like this Shelly Plus Smoke Alarm comes in handy.

Get Ready for Smarter Homes This Black Friday 2023! 1

I can connect it to any home’s network without any wires and apart from the loud noise It’ll quickly send messages on a smartphone if there’s any danger, no matter where I am.

It can do its job even if I don’t have  fancy hubs, but I like to connect it to my Home Assistant. That way, I can easily set it up to call me if there’s a fire.

Automatic call when fire/smoke is detected is easily possible thanks to Home Assistant integration
Automatic call when fire/smoke is detected is easily possible thanks to Home Assistant integration

The Shelly Plus Smoke can keep going for up to 5 years with just one battery and you can check the current Black Friday price of the sensor from the links below. 

#4 Amazon?!?

Next TOP item for Smart Home from this year’s Black Friday. This is item number #5 and it is coming straight from Amazon itself and for sure it will be discounted during Amazon Black Friday. I’m talking about Amazon Echo Device also known as Alexa, which is a smart speaker that can be woken by a special word like Alexa, Computer, Echo, and so on.

Amazon Echo Device

You can ask the device about the weather, time, wikipedia facts, to set reminders, add stuff to shopping lists, play music and more, but most importantly you can ask her to turn on or off smart home products or to set specific parameters only with your voice.

Amazon echo support multiple smart home skills that you can just add from the mobile app and after that to control almost any smart home product out there.

You can add Smart Home skills from the Amazon Alexa App

Another hint is to keep an eye for the Amazon Prime and Amazon Music offers during Black Friday which are usually with best prices of the year. As well as Blink & Ring smart doorbells, but most importantly the Amazon Fire Tablets that are going to be really cheap.

On top there will be some certified refurbished models that will be even cheaper. And why I’m talking about tablets in this Smart Home Black Friday ranking, because you can use such tablet as a Smart Home control panel as I’m describing in this article – How to Create Your Own Budget-Friendly Smart Home Control Panel

#4 Raspberry Pi 4: The Smart & Cheap Computer

Item number #4 for Smart Home from this year’s Black Friday is a Raspberry Pi 4. I know that there is a Raspberry Pi 5 already, but it is not on Amazon yet and it is not that much faster.

Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer is just perfect for running Home Assistant and not only that of course.

That is why I recommend to get one Raspberry Pi 4 now for cheap.

Here is an example link – https://amzn.to/3GalYec

But you may ask yourself for what can I use it? it will take me hours just to describe what can you do with this mini computer for your Smart Home. One of the best use cases that I can think of is to install Home Assistant on it and to leave it running for years.

And if you don’t know what Home Assistant is or what are the methods to install one please be invited to my Home Assistant webinar which is completely free and I will share the all the pros & cons of the different Home Assistant installation types + 1 super simple way to get started on PC in under 5 minutes. Register now for free – https://automatelike.pro/webinar

#3 Complete Camera Security System: Watch Your Home

It is always a good idea to strengthen your Smart Home Security during the holidays and not only then of course, because next Item from my list is a whole Camera Security System that includes 4 cameras and a Network Video Recorder or NVR for short. With such setup you will have a professional grade video surveillance system, capable of continuous recording and playback of events that happened days, even weeks ago. 

There are a lot of vendors providing such bundle, but I can two hands recommend Reolink brand as they have probably the best price/quality ratio out there.

This is what I’m talking about – link

During the last several years I managed to test a lot of cameras from different brands and I’m continue doing so, but I’m impressed with Reolink, as they just work and the quality is superb. 

I have both PoE and Wireless Reolink Cameras and as you might guess I have some articles about them:

Smart Home Glossary?

Before I forgot, if some of the terms that I’m using in this video are not so clear for you please download my Smart Home Glossary now and thank me later it is all free and it is full useful explanations of the most common Smart Home words and abbreviations. 

#2 Smart Bulbs: Brighten Up Your Home

Now is the best time to upgrade your lights and make them smart. But what is the cheapest and easier way to do that? And the answer is smart bulbs.

Smart Bulbs

It is possible to turn them on and off, change colors and dim these bulbs remotely from your phone, with your voice or from Home Assistant if you choose your Smart Bulb right. I discovered that the TP-Link Kasa Smart Color Bulb will have a great discount on Amazon for this Black Friday. But it’s smart to check out other brands too, like Shelly or SwitchBot, which also work well with Home Assistant. I’ll share all the best deals that I found below, so you can pick the one that’s just right for you.

  • SwitchBot Smart Bulb – link
  • Shelly Duo RGBW – link
  • Shelly Duo – link
  • Shelly Duo GU10 – link
  • Shelly Duo RGBW GU10 – link

#1 SwitchBot Mini Vacuum Cleaner K10+: A Tiny Helper

Next item on my Black Friday list for Smart Home is a SwitchBot Mini Vacuum Cleaner K10+ that apparently took one of the Alice’s pills for size shrinking.

Alice's Shrinking Pills

Nevertheless, it managed to retain all its powerful features and strengths, just as the bigger vacuum cleaners out there, even better. Thanks to its small size and great suction power it can clean any corner with ease and it can squeeze under chairs, beds, sofas you name it.

SwitchBot K10+ in action
SwitchBot K10+ in action

This Mini K10+ Vacuum Cleaner comes with a garbage collection base that can help you say goodbye to the daily pain of emptying the dustbin as you’ll only need to empty it every 2 months or so.

Garbage collection bin of the SwitchBot K10+

Which is impressive don’t you think?

Mopping is also supported as well as remote or automatic control from Alexa, Google Home, Siri shortcuts, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

To enable cloud control you'll need a SwitchBot Hub

The K10+ have LiDAR SLAM laser technology that is completely safe for humans and pets and help the robot to know exactly where it is in any area and what needs to be cleaned ahead. And if your rooms are bigger than 120 square meters because the battery will last that long will automatically return to base for a quick recharge and then will finish cleaning your castle. Check the Black Friday price of the SwitchBot Mini Vacuum Cleaner K10+ from the links below. 

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I’m Kiril and I’ll see you next week with another, new article. Bye.


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