November 11th is like the Chinese Black Friday on AliExpress, where you can find smart sensors and items at much cheaper prices than usual. This day, known as AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale, is the perfect time to make your home smarter without breaking the bank. In this article, I’ll list some discounted items and provide tutorials to help you get the most out of your purchases.

D1 Mini ESP32 & D1 Mini ESP8266

The D1 Mini ESP8266 and D1 Mini ESP32 are two fantastic IoT boards perfect for any Smart Home enthusiast. They serve as the brains for various Smart Home Projects. These boards are versatile and can be flashed with custom firmware like Tasmota or ESPHome.

D1 Mini is one of the TOP 7 Smart Home Gadgets To Grab on AliExpress Singles' Day Sale

You can attach a wide range of smart sensors to them, allowing you to create DIY smart sensors for temperature, humidity, motion, gas, and more. I have a playlist of tutorials demonstrating how to use these boards to create affordable and useful Smart Sensors compatible with Home Assistant.

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For those new to Home Assistant, I’ve created a free webinar to help you understand the basics of this platform.

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Understanding D1 Mini ESP32 & D1 Mini ESP8266

The D1 Mini ESP8266 is a reliable and cost-effective IoT board, making it an excellent choice for smart home enthusiasts. It provides a solid foundation for various DIY projects, allowing you to create a more intelligent and responsive living space.

D1 Mini ESP8266 (older but still great)
D1 Mini ESP8266 (older but still great)

The D1 Mini ESP32, while slightly more expensive, offers additional features and improved performance. With its Bluetooth support and increased speed, it opens up new possibilities for creating innovative smart home solutions.

D1 Mini ESP32 (newer and greater)
D1 Mini ESP32 (newer and greater)

Flashing Custom Firmware for Enhanced Functionality

One of the key advantages of these IoT boards is the ability to flash custom firmware like Tasmota or ESPHome. This customization empowers users to tailor their smart sensors and devices to specific needs, enhancing their overall functionality and compatibility with platforms like Home Assistant.

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LD2410 Presence Sensor

The LD2410 Presence Sensor is a tiny yet powerful device that uses mmWave technology to detect people and moving objects. It seamlessly integrates with Home Assistant, allowing you to automate actions like turning on lights, playing music, or making announcements when presence is detected. This sensor can even enhance your home security by detecting even the slightest movements.

LD2410B in a 3d printed case
LD2410B in a 3d printed case

It comes in various form factors, some with built-in Bluetooth support, making integration with Home Assistant a breeze.

TOP 7 Smart Home Gadgets in AliExpress Singles' Day Sale 1

Unlocking the Power of the LD2410 Presence Sensor

The LD2410 Presence Sensor is a marvel of technology, employing mmWave technology to detect the presence of people and moving objects. Its compact size belies its impressive capabilities, making it an invaluable addition to any smart home setup.

Seamless Integration with Home Assistant

One of the standout features of the LD2410 Presence Sensor is its compatibility with Home Assistant. This integration opens up a world of possibilities for automating various tasks in your home. From lighting control to personalized announcements, this sensor adds a layer of intelligence to your living space.

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And here are some more article about the sensor:

Xiaomi T&H Sensor

The Xiaomi T&H Sensor is a small, affordable, and long-lasting battery-powered device. It uses Bluetooth for wireless communication and can be easily added to Home Assistant.

Xiaomi T&H Sensor (LYWSD03MMC) is one of the things in AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale
Xiaomi T&H Sensor (LYWSD03MMC)

With this sensor, you can automate tasks based on temperature and humidity levels, such as controlling your heating or air conditioning systems. During the Singles’ Day sale, you can find these sensors for even lower prices, especially when purchasing sets.

Seamless Integration with Home Assistant

Adding the Xiaomi T&H Sensor to your Home Assistant setup is a straightforward process. Its Bluetooth capabilities allow for wireless communication, ensuring a hassle-free connection. Once integrated, you gain the ability to monitor and automate based on temperature and humidity levels, providing a new level of comfort and control in your home.

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Smart LED Strips for WLED & Hyperion

Smart LED strips are like regular ones, but with a touch of magic! Each light on the strip can be controlled individually, allowing you to create patterns, animations, and cool effects, including TV ambient lighting.

These strips are versatile and can be shaped to fit various spaces. You can control them from your phone or integrate them with Home Assistant for automated lighting.

Integrating with Home Assistant for Intelligent Lighting

By integrating these LED strips with Home Assistant, you unlock a world of automation possibilities. Imagine your lights synchronizing with your daily routines or responding to environmental cues. It is all possible

I have step-by-step tutorials available for those interested in exploring smart LED strips.

From where you can buy during AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale:

Smart Sound Sensor

The smart sound sensor allows you to automate actions based on detected sounds. For instance, you can use it to control lights, play music, or enhance your security system. This sensor, specifically the KY-037 model, requires an ESP board to communicate with Home Assistant.

Sound Sensor KY-037 Singles’ Day

I’ve created a detailed tutorial explaining how to set up this DIY smart sound sensor.

And these are some AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale links from where you can buy it:

Contactless Liquid Sensor

The XKC Y25 sensor is a non-contact level sensor that can detect the presence of liquid in containers up to 20mm thick. It’s suitable for various applications, including hazardous environments where contact with the liquid is not feasible.

Liquid Sensor XKC-Y25-PNP sensor

By integrating this sensor with Home Assistant and by strategically placing the XKC-Y25-PNP sensor on tanks or pipes, you can create binary sensors that monitor liquid levels. This opens up opportunities for automations that respond to changes in liquid levels, ensuring seamless operation in various industrial and residential settings.

I’ve prepared a comprehensive video guide to help you set up this sensor.

And these are the AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale buying links:


The ESP32-CAM is an affordable camera board that can be used to create a wireless live streaming camera for Home Assistant. While it may not have the same image quality as the latest smartphones, it’s more than sufficient for many purposes.

ESP32-CAM board

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process of setting up this DIY camera.

Below are the links from where you can buy it:

AliExpress Singles’ Day Sale Conclusion

During the AliExpress Singles’ Day sale, you have the opportunity to grab these fantastic smart home gadgets at discounted prices. Don’t forget to mark your calendar and make your purchases between November 8th and November 17th.

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If some of the Smart Home Acronyms & words that I’m using are not so clear for you, I have a cure for that in a form of a PDF document called the Smart Home Glossary.

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Happy shopping, and enjoy making your home smarter for less!


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